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I thoroughly enjoyed dealing with ( company name) from start to finish. Moving out of a 2 story condo is quite the life consuming event. I shopped around and after 3 quotes, I was for sure this was going to be yet another hefty cost to my wallet. I call Cleanrite for a quote and was really impressed with their professionalism when talking to their customer service representative. I gave them the square footage of the job and she came back with a price just under the other 3 companies. She also gave me an approximate time in which the job would be completed, adding that the time table could change once the technician actually arrives on site. Courteousness along with honesty-what a relief!


The carpet cleaners showed up on time and introduced themselves. Really respective of the home, dawning booties to be sure and not track any other dirt onto the carpets. I liked how they took the time to answer all of my questions, while taking the time to survey the job. As w ell as listening to me concerning my expectations of the job. They got started promptly and I was impressed with the efficiency in which they worked. The carpets in the home had really taken a beating. We have a 3 person family and a dog. Needless to say, there was a few areas on the downstairs carpets that I was a little worried about. We had moved furniture over one of the stains after repeated failures of getting it out ourselves.


My wish came true when after packing up he pointed out the fore mentioned problem areas. Yes! Totally gone and not visible. The carpets were pretty damp, especially in the areas he said he had to go over several times. The technician assured me the carpets would be completely dry in about one and half to two hours. So satisfied with my experience with these guys. I will be using them anytime I have a major carpet cleaning job or unconquerable stain, ( I know there will be more of these stains with our child). The carpets turned out looking better than I could even remember. Don't use another Carpet Cleaning in Balgonie, SK!