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Urine in Your Carpets Can Make You Very Sick

Pet urine starts off completely harmless but if it is not removed while it is still wet the situation gets dangerous.  When the urine dries it turns into a urine salt.  This urine salt acts like table salt pulling in and holding moisture.  These urine salts are also an excellent food source for bacteria.  Now you have a spot that never dries and is a great food source for bacteria and germs making it a virtual Petri dish.  Germs from a cold can now grow on these spots getting you and your family sick over and over again.  The most common symptoms are a persistent cough, ear, and throat infections.

The Rite Way to Correct Pet Accidents (Find All The Spots)

The first thing that needs to be done is to find all of the pet accidents, even the ones you can not see.  Using a black light and/or a moisture probe we can see the extent of the damage.  After seeing what we are up against we talk to you about all the different options you have to correct the damage.  You can choose from two different options listed bellow.

Topical Enzyme Treatment

The topical treatment is the best treatment for someone on a tight budget.  The entire surface of the carpet is treated with a special enzyme and deodorizer which removes the urine salts from the carpet.  The treatment is left on the carpet for 15 minutes or more and then thoroughly rinsed and extracted from the carpet.  The disadvantage of this service is that it only removes urine from the face fibers of the carpet or the part that you can see.  Under the face fibers there are two layers that hold the carpet together and the under cushion which are not cleaned with this system.  Even though the smell will be much better you may still have a urine smell coming from under the carpet.  

The Most Through Method

Underlay Extraction is the most through way of dealing with pet spills.  After finding all of the spots with the black light those spots are completely saturated with a special enzyme solution right down to the sub floor and given at least 15 minutes to do its magic.  A special tool called the claw is then clamped on to the carpet to extract the urine and solution.  We then do the topical treatment to the entire room.  This is the  healthiest, and best system to remove odors.  The only disadvantage in this system is that if there are quite a few spot this system can be pricey.

Enough With The Talk….Question…

Are you sick of urine stains! Do they look like eyesores?  Or worse, how about the smells? If you feel they’re getting the best of you and you’re ready to eliminate these concerns forever. I invite you to call me right now.

Can You Be Confident In Me?

Yes! I think so and here’s why? I’m constantly getting ongoing training, Even though I’ve taken on some of the toughest jobs. I don’t want to miss out on any new advantages that I can get for my clients, so I figure the more I know, the better I’m able to get you the results you want. That is the secret to my success!

Now For The Whole Truth About My Company

Ok, Ok,  I’m not perfect! (ask my wife!) I can’t fix everything! Therefore on occasions I have to turn down some jobs!(very few) It’s not that I like doing this, but I’d rather tell someone who needs carpet replacement that that would be their best option, Most people appreciate this and later call me for other cleaning or refer me to a friend, I'd rather tell them that then do the job and later they wish they had replaced it! But don’t let this stop you from calling us.  Almost 50% of our clients thought nothing could be done, but after an evaluation we were able to help them fix their concerns for good.

What If My Situation Is So Bad You Can't Help.....Then What?

If after my evaluation I discovered I couldn’t help you, I’ll offer some other options that can!  Don't hesitate, call me right now at {$phone} and get the results you deserve