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Should You Buy Or Should You Dye Your Carpet?

You Will Save Up To 75% If You Have Us Dye Your Carpet And Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!



We Repair Bleach Spills, Sun Fading, Or Change The Entire Color Of Your Carpet To A Custom Color Of Your Choice

We have provided color repair services for over 6 years and most people do not even know that the service exists.  We have been professionally trained by the worlds best color restoration experts (Chris Howell of Colorful Carpets) and all of our color repairs are guaranteed for the life of your carpet.



Bleach Spill Repairs



Color Change - Custom Color

This carpet was an out dated color, which we changed to a more modern color.  Color changes can also be used to help hide traffic areas and stains.  Light colored carpets can be hard to maintain, changing to a darker color makes them easier to care for and can extend the life of the carpet.






Remember Our Dyes Are Guaranteed For Life And Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed As Well!

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