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Affordable Tile and Grout Cleaning in Emerald Park, SK


 Do you remember the look of that new tile and grout in your bathroom, kitchen or mudroom? That sparkling clean look that made you feel happy and satisfied just by walking in and noticing the shine. Well, you can get that back. Due to its light and mostly porous nature grout tends to stain over time with dirt and dust build up, making the once pretty bright color, dull and dirty. With a few small steps you can get those bright clean colors back and that happy carefree feeling that you once possessed. Avoid bleach and other harsh chemicals because they could cause the sealant to break down and crack. We want to clean not replace.


Tile itself is generally easy to clean but when the grout remains dirty it makes you feel like you wasted time and energy with an unfinished product. Vacuum the area of tile and grout you want cleaned of any loose dust or dirt. Mop the area and let dry. The only real way to get the deep down clean you are looking for is to call a professional service that has a rotary tool that can get down to where a toothbrush or scrub brush can not reach. The rotary jets are pressured with heated steam that breaks up the waxy build up that occurs from years of dirt and grim.


A specialized sealant is then applied to guarantee a long lasting clean. DIY tile and grout cleaning are okay for short term results but in the end you put in sweat and tears for only a small window of clean. For really long lasting results, We offer professional Tile and Grout Cleaning in Emerald Park, SK that can get you back the fresh new feeling of newly applied grout and tile without the pain of doing it yourself.