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Air Duct Cleaning in Regina

We at CleanRite provide the best Air Duct Cleaning Services in Regina.

Air Care Rotary Brush Duct Cleaning is among the best ways to get rid of the dust and dirt out of your home home heating. Our equipment uses effective vacuums and surface friction produced by our mechanicaly driven brush system to wash your ductwork to nearly new condition.

As a BONUS, our staff uses a video camera and television to completely inspect the body to make sure that it's completely washed!  We provide this for every job because we believe it is essential for a thorough cleaning, without a camera areas are missed.

An air duct cleaning provides many health advantages and price savings to your family:

• Reduces airborne allergens

• Enhances ventilation inside your cooling and heating system

• Reduces your cooling and heating costs by permitting your furnace and ac to function at peak efficiency

• Stretches the existence of the system by reduction of the workload of the motors and equipment

These are merely a couple of reason why an air duct cleaning in Regina every two or three years is advisable!

Remember, for those who have lately refurbished, it's suggested you have your ductwork washed, particularly if you have drywalled! Drywall dust is definitely an allergen and may also prematurely put on your cooling and heating equipment! Call now to understand more about our rotary brush duct cleaning system.


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