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Best Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK


The best time for carpet cleaning is when there is no furniture in the room. Consumers can hire professional Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK like ours and have their carpets cleaned before they move in. It is so much easier if you do not need to move furniture around. Many people will make arrangements to have their carpets cleaned a couple days before they are ready to move in. This provides time for the carpet to properly dry before placing furniture on it. However, the majority of consumers are having their carpets cleaned after living in their homes for some period of time. The trigger might be a few spills or just a general build up of stains and it is now time to have them cleaned. The best approach is to remove all of the furniture from the room. This gives the carpet cleaners lots of room to work and you get the entire carpet cleaned.


In some cases, with larger furniture it is just impractical to move the furniture out of the room. Professional Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK will work around these larger pieces. If they can they will place heavy duty card board under the legs to prevent the legs coming in contact with any moisture from the carpet cleaning process. This prevents more stains from the bottom of the legs marking the newly cleaned rugs.


Most people will then wait a few days before placing the removed furniture back into the room. Depending on the humidity level the furniture could be moved back within 24 hours, while in high humidity environments, you may need to wait several days. Our professional Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK will advise you when the best time would be to move all of your furniture back into the room. Call us today for an estimate and make an appointment.