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Best Office Carpet Cleaning, Regina, SK

If it is time for the Best office carpet’s cleaning in Regina, SK it is important that you do not just hire anyone as finding the right company can save you several hour of head aches and disappointment.  The biggest mistake people make is to hire a janitorial company to clean their carpet, people who work as janitors do not have the experience, training, or equipment to properly clean your carpet.  Finding a really good commercial carpet cleaner can save you from staying late after work for days, get much better results, improve air quality, and increase the life of your carpet.


What Makes CleanRite’s Office Carpet Cleaning Better


  • Fast Dry times - Carpets usually dry in about 3 hours so you do not get that musty smell and the carpet will be completely dry when the staff returns to work.
  • High production equipment cleans faster and better - Using the newest special equipment we can clean huge areas in hours rather than days.  Our special commercial carpet cleaning machines clean about 2500 square feet per hour each and does a much better job compared to a portable extractor which does only 250 square feet per hour.
  • Portable equipment - We can clean any office building, even those on the 10th floor.  Using special portable equipment reduces the risk of unwanted visitors after hours as the door can be closed.
  • Odor less cleaning products - Many offices today have no scent policies because more and more people are sensitive to deodorizers.
  • Professional Service - This is something that is truly hard to find today, CleanRite’s staff is very professional, well groomed and we show up on time in uniform.
  • Highly trained staff - We always have a certified technician  at every job, with training to deal with any kind of spill or concern.
  • Quite Cleaning equipment - Our carpet cleaning machines make about the same amount of noise as an elevator.  This means you can have the carpets cleaned during work hours if you choose with very little disruption.
  • Guarantee - All of our work comes with a 100% guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with the work we do we will return and correct the concern for free.


So if you need the best office carpet cleaned in the Regina Area give us a call for the fastest service at (306) 721-2045.


See a video of the equipment we use in action by clicking here.