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Best time to clean carpet in Regina, SK

Best time to clean carpet in Regina, SK


Many people may wonder when is the best time to clean carpet in Regina,SK.  Home owners can be different concerns at different times of the year.  Some people are concerned about having their doors open during the cold Regina winters and others are concerned about bugs getting into the house in the summer months.  Many people want to wait until the ground is dry before they clean their carpets.


The fact is the best time to clean your carpet is before the soil causes permeant damage to the carpet fibers.  If it has been over a year since your last cleaning the best time to clean would be as soon as possible.  Soil, sand, and dirt in the carpet can scratch the carpet fibers causing wear marks and a dark appearance in the traffic areas.  Soil can also get pushed deep into the fibers causing what is called soil staining, which is a permeant darkening of the carpet fibers in the traffic areas.


If you have had a spill, and have already tried to remove the spill without success, it maybe a good idea to have your carpets cleaned.  If you where unable to remove the spot yourself it might be a difficult spot to remove and if left in the carpet to long may not be removable even with professional cleaning.


Many home owners avoid cleaning in the winter as they might be concerned about having their doors left open or they might be worried that in the spring the carpets will get dirty again.  I believe the winter is the best time of the year to have your carpets cleaned for several reasons.  In the winter the humidity is very low which will cause the carpet to dry very quickly and the added humidity in your home can be a good thing.  Our powerful truck mount units heat the cleaning water to temperatures over 200 degrees, which warms up the house.  Even if the door is open the house temperature will not drop by much if any.  In the winter you also do not have to worry about mosquitos, and flies getting into your home.  Winter is a slower season for carpet cleaners and if you are going to find any real specials they most likely will be in the winter months.


Fall is the busiest time of year for carpet cleaning companies.  If you are planing on cleaning in the fall you should expect good companies to be booking almost a month in advance.


Give us a call today to book your cleaning at (306) 721-2045.  If you are phoning in the winter months ask what kind of specials we are running.


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