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7 Carpet Care Mistakes to Avoid



Some people get 20-30 years out of their carpet before it starts to look tired and others only get a couple of years.  There are tricks to having a beautiful health carpet for many years to come.


If you don’t care for your carpet properly, it may result in permanent damage. However, there are ways to avoid these missteps. Below is a list of 7 common carpet care mistakes you should try to avoid.


  • Not Vacuum regularly - Carpet’s should be vacuumed at least once a week even if they do not look dirty.
  • Not Use a good, well maintained vacuum - The most common problem is that home owners do not replace or clean filters often enough, a vacuum with a dirty filter will not vacuum your carpets properly.  You must have a beater bar on your vacuum unless you just want to remove soil from the surface of the carpet.  Do some research before purchasing a vacuum, and do not believe what you see and hear on tv commercials.  Go to the CRI’s website or check out youtube to find a good vacuum.
  • Not Remove spills immediately - Another mistake occurs when cleaning a carpet stain is put off until later. How long you wait can determine how successful you will be at removing the stain. Certain substances, such as grape juice, can seep deep into materials they come into contact with. If you wait too long, you’ll have little hope of removing it completely.
  • Using store bought spot cleaners - Most of these products leave tons of residue causing rapid resoiling, striping protectors, and some times removing color.  Contact us at (306) 721-2045 for a list of good, safe products.
  • Not Preventing soil from entering house - Entrance matts can prevent 90% of soil from shoes from being spread around your home.  Removing out door shoes is also important.
  • Waiting to long to have carpets cleaned - Carpets must be cleaned every 6-24 months depending on traffic in the house and color of the carpet.
  • Self Cleaning or Hiring the wrong carpet cleaning company - The carpet manufacturers recommend you hire a IICRC certified firm and will void your warrantee if you use anyone else.  Self cleanings or cleanings by an uneducated cleaner usually cause rapid resoiling, over wetting, and the stripping of stain resistors which dramatically reduce the life of your carpet!



If you are looking for an IICRC certified and green carpet cleaning company give us a call today at (306) 721-2045 and Avoid one of these carpet care mistakes. 


Visit to learn more.  Click here for more information on the advantages of hiring a certified carpet cleaner.