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Dentist appointments and Carpet Cleaning


I just visited my dentist and was thinking of how similar our businesses are to each other.  I said to the dental hygienist you probably look at my teeth (it was a bit longer than it should have been since my last visit) like I look at some peoples carpets when they wait over a year to have them cleaned.  She said I really does not matter to me how you care for your teeth because it is really going to be your problem not mine, which is also true with peoples carpet.  The hygienist told me the tooth paste I was using had plastic in it which had no reason for being their and may or may not be safe.  I was shocked when she told me there are very few regulations placed on tooth paste, I assumed it would be safe.  The same is true for carpet cleaning solutions  purchased at the grocery, or hardware store.  There are some very dangerous products sold to clean carpets, for both the people in the home and the carpets themselves.  These products as well have next to no regulations and they do not have to tell you how dangerous they are.


So what do you need to do to care for your carpet in Regina to have a healthy and looking great looking home?


  • Vacuum once a week, this is like brushing your teeth and it helps prevent carpet wear.
  • Cleanup spills when they happen, like flossing.  Spills are more likely to come out when most of it is removed right away.
  • Use walk off marks in entrance ways is like avoiding sugar.  A good walk off mark can reduct the amount of soil entering the house by 80%.
  • Schedule a good professional cleaning every 6-12 months, just like visiting a dentist.  If you wait to long some damage that can not be repair will occur to your carpet.


So if it has been to long since your last carpet cleaning do not be embarrassed, just give us a call to care for your carpet in the Regina area or just leave it but remember it is not going to hurt us as much as it hurts your carpet and indoor air quality.


Phone (306) 721-2045 or visit us at  For a more information on how often you should clean your carpet click here for a cleaning chart.  Don't worry it will not hurt!