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Carpet Cleaning FAQ, Regina,SK

Carpet Cleaning FAQ, Regina,SK


  • How long does the carpet take to dry? - With our powerful truck mounted system and our large air movers, carpets normally dry in 1-3 hours.
  • What do I have to move? - We move couches, end tables, and chairs in both out packages, so do not move those items.  In our gold package we move bedroom furniture.  We ask that you move all small items on the floor or on items you would like moved.
  • Do you make appointments? - Yes we do you do not have to wait around all day for your carpet cleaner to arrive.
  • Do the cleaners have an odor? - We carry products with no fragrance added, if you are sensitive to odors please tell your cleaner during the pre inspection.
  • How long does it take? - Most homes take 2-3 hours depending on size and spills.
  • Can I leave during the cleaning? - Yes you can as long as you pay the bill before you leave.  Please tell your cleaner you plan on leaving so knows if he should lock up or set an alarm>
  • How do you charge? - We charge by the square foot measured wall to wall.
  • Do you have a guarantee? - Yes we guarantee our work, if you are not 100% satisfied give us a call and we will return as soon as we can to correct your concerns for Free!
  • What kind of experience do you have? - I have been cleaning carpet for over 15 years.
  • Do you take training? - Yes all of our cleaners are certified through the IICRC.
  • Do you have references? - Yes we are recommended by most of Regina’s carpet retailers such as Park Land Carpet One.
  • Do you guarantee spot removal? - No we do not as some spots simply can not be removed.  We do our best to remove all spots and carry all the latest tools and products to remove any spot that can be removed.  It is not uncommon for us to remove spots that several other professionals have not removed in the past and we guarantee if we do not remove it no one can!
  • Will my carpets get dirty faster after they are cleaned? - No we use products that do not remove stain resistors or leave a residue.  We also use a special rinse agent that helps to remove residues other cleaners may have left in the past.
  • What kind of carpets do you clean? - We have training and equipment to clean any kind of carpet.
  • What kind of payment do you take? - CleanRite has bank machines we bring to the job so you can pay with your debit card or you credit card.  Sorry we do not take american express.


There you have it carpet cleaning FAQ, Regina.  If you have any other questions please phone (306) 721-2045.


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