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A carpet should be cleaned professionally by a professional cleaner. Are laughing at my words? Please do not. Close your eyes, clear your head and practically think about my reasonings, and voila! There you agree with me. Everyone can clean a carpet. How really difficult can it be? You can certainly clean a carpet with water and detergent, but it may not be enough to get rid off all the harmful germs. So, to get rid of this bacteria we need a professional help from the, ‘Carpet Dirt Busters’, I mean professional carpet cleaners. They have these cool steps to clean the carpet and give it a new feel. Lets check those steps which may remind you of a classic “Ghostbuster series”.


Pre-Inspection – A professional cleaner will inspect your room taking notes of the areas which you need to be cleaned. For instance, you spilled your red wine on the carpet the other day and the stain is there for long. Preparing the room – To clean the whole carpet, you might need to move some moveable furniture for some space to clean the carpet. Dry Vacuum – To make the agitation process easy for the floor, a cleaner needs to clean the floor for the removal of some dry dirt from the carpet.


Pre-spray and Stain Removing – A cleaner analyzes the stains and applies the proper solution to remove the stains on the carpet. Churning and Free time – A cleaner applies some special chemicals for the maximum soil break into the carpet. Deep Cleaning Process - This is the important step in professional cleaning, where a cleaner use a carpet extractor which penetrates enough heat in the carpet to clean the toughest parts of any carpet. Once the Carpet Cleaning in Emerald Park, SK is done, you need to inspect the floor to make sure the cleaner has not left any spot.