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Carpet Stretching, Regina,SK


Carpet Stretching, Regina,SK


Do you have waves in your carpet?  A loose carpet can cause a tripping hazard or just make the carpet look bad.  If a carpet is loose for a long period of time it can actually damage the carpet or cause it to wear quicker than it should.


There are two things that cause carpet to ripple and the most common cause is an improper installation.  If the installer did not use a power stretcher or did not stretch it properly these waves can occur.  If your carpet is very old (over 10 years) it may be that the backing has simply deteriorated over time and loosened from the tack strip.


CleanRite is certified in carpet repair and we can fix those ripples in your carpet for good.  So give us a call for Carpet Stretching in Regina at (306) 721-2045 or check out our carpet repair video by clicking here.