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Carpet cleaning quote, Regina, SK

When calling to book a carpet cleaning appointment, or even calling for pricing, there are a few things about your home that will be useful to know prior to calling to get a proper carpet cleaning quote in the Regina, SK.

What are the demensions of the rooms you are wanting to have cleaned?

Most companies charge by the square foot, and knowing what the square footage of the areas you are thinking of having cleaned not only helps to give you a more accurate quote, but also prevents any surprises once the cleaners get there and actually measure the areas.  Believe it or not, there are no standard sizes of bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms or family rooms.  With constant renovations in peoples homes, the cookie cutter houses are a thing of the past.  Having pre-measured your rooms, and having this information available at the time of booking will allow a company to give you an idea of what to budget for.  At CleanRite, we still do measure your carpeted areas prior to starting your cleaning job, just to make sure you are getting charged for actual sizes, and not estimated measurements.

How many stairs do you have?

Not very many people count their steps as they are going up or down them, but again this is useful to know for pricing.  We charge per step, as do most companies.  If you have unusually large steps, or landings in between, please let us know at time of booking, so we can calculate this accordingly.

Do you have any concerns with pet stains, urine or odours?

Some people do not consider these a concern, but for carpet cleaning, these are definitely issues to mention.  In order to treat these concerns properly, we do need to be made aware of them.  We have specific treatments for pet related spots, as well as urine spots, that must be applied to break them down and remove them.  Letting us know about accidents also helps to provide you with a more accurate price.  We will explain to you what your options are and what you can expect from the cleaning.  Just a "regular carpet cleaning" will not resolve these issues especially if your pet has emptied it's bladder on the carpet.  If you are unsure if there are pet stains, just let us know, and we would be happy to check all rooms you are planning on having cleaned just to be sure.

Area Rugs - Are they wool or synthetic?  And what are the dimensions?

It is very imprortant to know whether you carpet is wool or synthetic if you are calling around for prices, as well as knowing the sizes of the area rugs.  Wool is generally charged at a higher rate than a synthetic area rug, and in order for us to give you a more accurate price for the cleaning, this information is essential.  As well, don't forget to mention if there are any pet stains, urine or odors present.  Many people think that area rugs need to be cleaned outside of the home, especially if it is covering hardwood floors.  The fear is that the cleaning process will damage their hardwood.  If the cleaner is trained, and knows how to run his equipement properly, this should never be an issue.  And if you do require it to be cleaned off site, prepare to pay premium prices.  If your area rug was an expensive investment, or has sentimental value, we would strongly suggest not basing your decision on price.  You will get what you pay for.  Find a company who is certified in carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, wool cleaning etc.  If a company has taken the time to get properly trained, they will take the time to care for your investment.

Book early!

If you are moving out of rental, booking your carpet cleaning appointment should be one of the first things you do after giving your notice.  Reputible companies do not provide same day service.  Month end can be a very busy time for carpet cleaning companies, and to ensure you have an appointment booked, it is wise to book early.  Some companies book as far as one month in advance, and if there is a specific day or time of the day you require, your chances of getting an appointment are greater the further in advance you call.  To get your carpet cleaning quote today, in the Regina, SK area Phone (306) 721-2045.


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