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Why Hire a Certified Carpet Cleaning Company


There are several reasons you should only hire a certified carpet cleaning company to clean your carpet.  A certified company is going to get your carpets cleaner, remove more spots, and do all this without damaging your carpet.  There is only really one company that certifies carpet cleaners and that is the IICRC (institute of inspection cleaning and restoration certification).  


This is what the IICRC will do for you


  • Get a Properly Trained Technician - all certified carpet cleaning companies must have someone who has taken their a course and passed a test at every job.
  • Check for Proper Insurance - every year certified firms must send proof that they have proper insurance and are in good standing with WCB so if anything happens its not your bill.
  • Cleaning Standards - carpet cleaning is unregulated so there are no standers for the service.  The IICRC sets standards which must be met by certified companies.
  • Ensure Ethical Business - Unfortunately the carpet cleaning business attracts unethical and sometimes unscrupulous companies that use Bait and Switch and other scams.  The IICRC does not allow these practices.
  • Will Not Void Your Warrantee - If you have a carpet purchased after 2008, as soon as you use an uncertified company even once you have no Warrantee.
  • Safe Cleaning Products - certified carpet cleaning companies must use products which are safe for your family and your carpet, so no worries about rapid resoling.



Warning many carpet cleaning companies in Regina claim they are certified when they are actually not but you can check for yourself in just a few seconds by clicking here a link to the IICRC.


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