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The Dangers Of Hiring a Cheap Carpet Cleaner



Hiring the wrong carpet cleaner can cost you a lot of money.  There are many ways some cleaners may damage your carpets, some of them are very obvious, and some times the damage takes over a year till you know there is a problem.  There are quite a few carpet cleaning companies in Regina but unfortunately there are a lot of bad carpet cleaners.


Common Mistakes Cheap Uneducated Cleaners Make


Leave the Carpet To Wet


I am sure you have heard the story, my carpet was wet for days.  If your carpet is left this wet, the cleaning most likely did not remove much soil.  Having your carpets wet for days is not health, is very inconvenient for the entire family, and can cause permanent odors in sever cases.  


The cause can be poor equipment, poor maintenance, cleaner technique, or improperly set equipment.  


With our powerful truck mount systems and air movers, CleanRites carpets normally dry in 3 hours leaving them clean and healthy.


Using High PH, and/or High Residue Cleaning Products


Using high these very aggressive products reduces cleaning time, and effort required for spot removal, sometimes cutting the cleaning time in half.  The carpets might look great after the cleaning, but the problem is they usually do not look good for long and may never look that good again.  High PH cleaners remove all or the stain resistors and soil protection coatings from the carpet, this allows regular soil and spills to cause permeant damage to the carpet.  The residues leave a sometimes even crunchy or sticky film that causes dust to stick to it.


We treat your carpet with a safe green product that leaves no residue and has a safe ph for your family and your carpet.  Difficult stains are treated individually, requiring more effort and time but well worth it for your carpets appearance and longevity. 


Not Knowing How To Remove Spills


Different types of spills require different types of spot removers to be removed and sometimes applying the wrong one first can make it almost impossible to remove.  Some cleaners try to save money and purchase cheap products which some times also give poor results.


Our first step is to do a walk through your home so you can point out any spills so we can try to determine what they are from.  All of our cleaners are highly trained in all kinds of spill removal techniques and our vans shelves are full of great products for any type of concern.