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Clean Carpet Regina, SK

Clean Carpet Regina, SK



You can have carpet that looks great, is spot free, and lasts for 10-25 years.  There are a few simple tricks that will not only keep your carpet looking great but also provide a healthy environment for you family to live.


Trick # 1


Proper vacuuming is the most important part of carpet maintenance.  The right vacuum can do a much better job and make the job easier.  Some vacuums are highly over rated and featured on TV ads where they claim they have the best suction, do some serious research before purchasing a vacuum or give us a call and ask us what we recommend at (306) 721-2045.  It is important to vacuum at least once per week.


Trick # 2


Clean up spills as soon as they happen and only use products recommended by the manufacture or your professional carpet cleaner.  Using store bought cleaning products usually do more damage to your carpet than they do good, even the ones that say they are for carpet.  Click here to see how to remove spills.


Trick #3


Use large absorbent walk off matts at all entrances to your home.  Using matts can reduce the amount of soil carried into your home from peoples shoes by up to 90%.  I do not recommend walking through your home with out door shoes but the walk of matts are still important and can cut down on the cleaning required in your home.


Trick #4


Have your carpets professionally cleaned once every year.  It is best to mark it on your calendar because we are all busy and forget about our carpets.  Do it yourself units do not get the deep down dirt even if they say they are deep cleaners.  When choosing a carpet cleaner you must choose wisely.  I would recommend you do not pick the lowest price company but the one that sounds like the best company because the quality of cleaning can vary dramatically.  Click Here For Angies list Vidoe How To Choose a Carept Cleaner


If you follow these 4 steps your carpets will look like new for many years to come.  So that is how you keep Clean Carpet Regina, SK.  For questions or to book an appointment phone (306) 721-2045 for clean carpet in the Regina area or click here to connect on Facebook