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Deep Clean Your Carpet in Regina, SK

Deep Clean Your Carpet in Regina, SK


Deep Cleaning your carpet is a term used very loosely today.  Basically every machine sold today, and every professional cleaner makes the claim they deep cleaners your carpet.  The fact is that the amount of soil removed from different systems can vary from as little as 4 percent to as high as 98%.  Small portable units normally remove 4-10 percent at best, and larger rented units usually remove 10-15% of the soil from your carpet.  Professional truck mounted systems remove 20-98 percent of the soil from your carpet.


The percentage of soil removed from your carpet is dependent on the temperature, pressure, flow rate, and vacuum.  If you look at the spec’s of small home units, the temperature (if you use very hot water from sink) is about 90 degrees, the pressure is about 30 psi, the flow rate is under .25 gallons per minute and the vacuum is around 30 cubic feet per minute.  The specs of rental units are very similar to the home units, just a little bit higher.  The specs of different carpet cleaning units can really very.  Cleaning solution temperature can vary from 90-240 degrees.  The psi of most truck mounts is usually quite similar 300-500 psi, but the flow rate can very from 1/2 - 4 gallons per minute.  The vacuum power can really vary as well, it can be as low as 200 - 600 cubic feet per minute.


The more powerful the equipment the higher the percentage of soil removal.  So if you want to truly deep clean your carpet in Regina,SK give CleanRite a call today at (306) 721-2045.  CleanRites truck mounts are the most powerful in the city and have the best specs listed above.


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