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Deep Tile And Grout Cleaning in Regina, SK


Your tile, whether it is on the bathroom or kitchen floor or scattered throughout the rest of the house, needs cleaning on a fairly regular basis. Most of the time, all that is needed is a broom to sweep the dust and dirt off the surface and a mop to clean off anything that is left. That is most of the time. There does occur, after a while, that this is not enough as the build up of residue that is not removed will accumulate and discolor the tiles or, worse, the grout in between the tiles. This is the time that a professional Tile And Grout Cleaning in Regina, SK, likes our needs to be called.


One of the main reasons that we are necessary is that we have the four elements that are necessary for a complete deep cleaning and a safe return of that floor to you. Those four elements are: The right surfactant or cleaning agent, sometimes referred to as the emulsifying agent because it emulsifies the soils to remove them from the surface. We also have the pressure that is necessary to effectively move the soils from where they are to the collection system we have waiting for it.


Heat, because any system that works properly is a heated system. This heats the cleanser up to the point that it helps break the contact the soils have with the surface, just as hot water is the best way to clean your hands or the dishes. A collection system that vacuums the dirty solution, along with the removed contamination, up into itself for disposal. This often means a long hose that connects to a powerful vacuum pump mounted in a truck outside. Without these four elements, there is not a lot of true deep cleaning happening and we have designed this system for your home and your beautiful tiles. Do you have these four elements of proper deep tile and grout cleaning? If you have any questions, call our Tile And Grout Cleaning in Regina, SK today.