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Flood Services



Having a flood in your home can be a very stressful situation, the last thing you need is to hire the wrong company which can create an even more stressful situation.  You need a company you can trust, with experience, good equipment, and proper training to fix the problem properly.



What makes our Flood Services Different



  • Owner/Operator present on every job - This is very important for several reasons, one being that you do not just want anyone going through your home.  Large water damage restoration companies have a very high turnover rate and they are hiring new people on a regular basis who may or may not be honest or ethical people.  I have heard many stories of Regina flood damage companies in Regina with employees that where caught steeling from customers.
  • Experience and Education - As the owner/operator I am certified in water damage restoration and several other areas, with over 15 years experience.
  • Work for you not the Insurance Company - Restoration is a very dirty business for several reasons.  Many companies say they work for you but in reality they are working for the insurance company where 90% of their income comes from.  Many companies bribe adjusters to get their business and they are referred whether they are a good company or not.  CleanRite has never given bribes and we work for the customer not the insurance adjuster.  If your adjuster does not want to make your home safe or fix something properly we will tell you.  We have seen adjusters try to cut corners and save money putting your families health and home at risk, if this happens we will give you the facts so you can get your insurance company to fix it right.
  • A True Restoration Company - Many water damage restoration companies in Regina make more money simply replacing items rather than restoring them.  Why would they even try to save a carpet or walls when they make 2-8 times more when they replace them.  CleanRite has equipment that even the large companies do not have restore your home, we will give you the facts and let you decide whether you want to try to save or replace the affected items.
  • Get it Fixed Fast - We only take on a hand full of jobs at a time at the most where some companies will take on up to 100 floods at a time.  You can imagine what kind of service you will get from a company with 100 jobs on their plate.  Many people have to wait for about a year to get their home back together.  


So if you have had a flood and need someone you can trust to help give us a call at (306) 721-2045 today and save yourself from any additional stress.


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