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For any household, there is nothing quite as pleasant as the fresh scent of a home that has been thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. Sometimes referred to as Fall or Spring cleaning, there are times throughout the year when it is appropriate to "pull out all the stops" and give the house the complete, full service cleaning and disinfecting that it needs and deserves.

The next time you are going through your home with a broom, mop, scrub-brush, and cleaning solutions to rid the premises of dust, dirt, and germs, don't forget that your carpets need the same thorough treatment. The reality, however, is that the best way to provide your carpets with a deep cleaning is to utilize the services of professional carpet cleaning. Why not clean the carpets yourself? Only our White City, SK professional carpet cleaning can provide you with these benefits:

1. Powerful equipment that uses the most effective cleaning method available: Our cleaning equipment is strong and effective enough to tackle any job. We use hot water extraction to loosen and lift out dirt that is deeply embedded in carpet fibers. With just one treatment, your carpet will be completely dirt free.

2. Removal of bacteria, germs, and dust mites: No one wants to think about the germs that may be residing in their carpet. With our White City, SK professional carpet cleaning, you won't have to worry about these unhealthy invaders, because they will be removed by our powerful deep cleaning process.

3. Tough stains removed: Those stains that never seem to come out, even with constant scrubbing, will be no match for our cleaning treatments. You will be amazed at the stain-free results.

4. Foul odors removed: Odors from pet activity or cigarette smoke will be completely cleansed from your carpet, leaving a clean, fresh scent.

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