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Many consumers are installing hardwood floors in their homes and then adding area. These area rugs add color, contrast and warmth to the room they are in. They also have to deal with all of the same issues that wall to wall carpets must tolerate. Our carpet cleaning company offers professional carpet cleaning for all of your carpets including area rugs throughout your home. Carpet cleaning wall to wall rugs or area rugs follows the same process with one important distinction. All of your rugs will be steam cleaned using the latest technology and cleaning products. Dirt, oils and food particles are removed with the high suction vacuum used by our professional staff. They take special care around furniture and also focus on high traffic areas to ensure that everything looks as good as new again.


Area carpets present a special challenge. They typically are placed on hardwood floors, on tile floors or on top of other carpets. Area rugs on tile floors or other carpets are really no problem. They can be cleaned in the same manner as your wall to wall carpet. If some of the water or steam spills onto the tile or the carpet, it is quickly vacuumed up. Area carpets on hardwood floors take a little more care. The hardwood floors need to be protected so that moisture does not remain on the hardwood for any length of time. We protect the floors underneath and we ensure that no moisture is left on the wood floors. It is all vacuumed up and then the floors are hand wiped to remove any last bit of moisture that remains.


If you need your carpets cleaned, call our professional Carpet Cleaner in Balgonie, SK today to set up an appointment. Our client representative can answer all of your questions and make arrangements for your carpets to be cleaned.