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When looking for a new carpet there are a few factors to consider. Do you want one that is ultra plush and soft or are you considering a durable carpet to withstand high trafficked areas? First you have the loop pile carpet: the fibers that complete the carpet are bent into loops: this carpet isn’t as soft and cushiony as the second which is cut pile carpeting. Cut pile gets its name from the fact that the tips of the yarn are cut allowing for a smoother texture and is much softer. There is also a combination of loop and cut pile available which provides great durability while also being soft and smooth: the best of both choices. Along with the durability of a cut and loop style, you’ll also find that the varying pattern of yarn allows for minimal dirt and stain appearance on your carpeting.


When making a carpet selection, you’ll also need to visit the varying types of fiber available. There is nylon, olefin, acrylic and wool on the market currently. Nylon is the most commonly used, although it stains frequently. Next the olefin is generally used in damp places such as porches and basements because of its ability to resist mold and water. Acrylic is a cheap fiber substitute for wool but isn’t readily available and the nicest carpeting available is made of wool fibers.


No matter your style, material or color choice, the best way to keep your carpeting soft, smooth and help it to last as long as possible is to have it professionally cleaned. We have experience in Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK, and would be happy to give you a free no obligation quote to have all the carpets in your home cleaned.