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If you and your family wear shoes in your home, you are most likely dragging bacteria throughout your living space. Not all bacteria are harmful to humans. Some, like probiotics, can actually help you stay healthy. However, most of the bacteria and debris found on the bottom of your shoes are not only disgusting, they are downright harmful to you and your loved ones. A recent study at the University of Arizona found coliforms that are present in feces on 96% of the shoe soles they tested. It's not hard to understand where these germs come from. We walk through bird droppings and dog waste remnants more often than we realize. The floor of a public restroom is also a haven for bacteria growth. C. Difficile, an antibiotic resistant bacteria that causes diarrhea, was found on 39% of shoe soles in a University of Houston study.


When you wear your shoes in your home, the bacteria that has collected upon the shoe bottoms can end up on the carpet and other floors of your home. The same University of Arizona study found that 90-99% of the bacteria will rub off and contaminate your carpet. Vacuuming alone will not rid your home of these dangerous bacteria; however, professional Carpet Cleaning in White City, SK can remedy the situation. Professional carpet cleaners use steam cleaners that heat water to create steam which is then applied to your carpet. Once the steam has cooled and turned to water, the steam cleaner will suck the water back up, along with dust, debris, allergens and potentially dangerous bacteria.


If you would prefer an even deeper clean, many professional carpet cleaners can add chemicals to the steam to further disinfect your carpet. Don't bring bacteria into your home. Leave your shoes at the door and call professional Carpet Cleaning in White City, SK to eliminate the bacteria already growing within your carpet.