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Scientists have been saying this for years: carpets are full of dander and dirt and should be vacuumed as often as possible, if not daily. While the idea that dust is 80 percent human skin cells is actually a myth, the dust in carpets are still one-third skin flakes, dead insects, and other indoor contaminants, plus two-thirds outdoor dirt. Regular vacuuming is vital, but eventually, all households will need a professional Pilot Butte Carpet Cleaning.


According to the University of Arizona, tiny particles of dirt enters the home whenever people walk in, both on their shoes and through the air. Studies have also shown that the carpets of homeowners who wear their shoes indoors contain significantly more dirt and bacteria than those who leave their shoes at the front door. Besides the dead skin constantly shed by human beings, the dander from pets can also accumulate quickly. At the same time, household furniture and other items are also slowly but surely disintegrating, adding dust to the indoor environment. If ignored, these particles can enter the air when there is movement, irritating the respiratory system and triggering allergies and other health problems. Parents may also be unaware that, by picking up objects from the carpet, their children are also ingesting these particles unknowingly. This is especially a problem because household dust can trap toxic chemicals from the environment -- whether it comes from harmful materials inside furniture or from the outside world -- for years, according to Live Science.


As important as it is, simply vacuuming frequently does not remove all the contaminants that can settle into the carpet. To ensure the carpet is not endangering the health of family members, experts recommend professional Pilot Butte Carpet Cleaning at least once a year, or as often as once every four weeks in homes with pets.