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Most consumers do not give their dryer vents a seconds thought. As long as the dryer is working properly they really do not care about the vent or the problems that could arise from a plugged dryer vent. In addition to cleaning carpets our professional carpet cleaning company can also clean your dryer vent to avoid build up of lint inside the vent. Over time, lint can build up inside the dryer vent pipe. When this lint builds up sufficiently it will reduce the air flow from the dryer to the outside. At the very least it will take longer for your clothes to dry making your dryer much less efficient using more electricity. In the worst case scenario, the vent pipe becomes blocked causing your dryer to overheat and shut down.


Dryers that are in locations that are a long way from where the vent is on the outside of a home are more prone to this sort of problem. The longer the vent pipe, the lower the air flow is. Lint can settle on the bottom of the vent pipe and build up over time. Shorter pipes can also have this problem particularly if it is not a straight run, i.e. corners and dips.


Consider having your dryer vent and pipes cleaned at the same time your carpets are being cleaned. Our Professional Carpet Cleaning in Pilot Butte, SK can clean all of your carpets, your upholstery and your dryer vent pipes at the same time. A simple dryer vent cleaning can save you hundreds of dollars. Avoid having an appliance repair for an overheated dryer simply by having a dryer vent cleaning today. Call today to make arrangements. Our client representative can set up an appointment for dryer vent cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning at the same time.