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Over a period of time carpets accumulate dust and dirt. This may further become unhygienic as bacteria goes on accumulating due to the dirt. Therefore it becomes very essential to clean your carpet and remove not only dust and dirt but also bacteria in it. Steam carpet cleaning is the best and the most effective method of carpet cleaning. There are various techniques used in steam carpet cleaning that we use. In this article we will tell you about all those techniques. In the carpet steam cleaning process, we use following techniques. Dry cleaning is the most effective and modern technique used for carpet cleaning. In this technique we make use of high affinity powder for dirt. It is applied on the carpet surface and by using a rotating brush machine worked into the fabric.


After through application of pressure and heat, this compound is removed from the carpet with the dirt. We are Professional Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK in carpet and furniture cleaning and provide various for cleaning. Services like high flow extraction, dry compound, dry shampoo, hot extraction and more are given. In fact various equipment are also use. In various office buildings multiple cleaning techniques are being used to meet our client’s requirements.


Only those chemical are used which are non-toxic and safe for your carpet and furniture. With clean carpet and furniture you can make a positive impression. You should make sure that your carpet and furniture is clean. Professional Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK in your house increase its life and a healthy atmosphere.