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Healthy Upholstery Cleaning in Regina, SK

Healthy Upholstery Cleaning in Regina, SK


Any fabrics you have, in any room of your house, are subject to dirt, dust, odors and allergens. This is especially true of furniture that is constantly being set upon, often by people in dirty cloths and pets who like to act like humans. This makes Upholstery Cleaning in Regina, SK something to keep in mind when it is time to really clean house. Since your upholstery is exposed to all of the same things your carpets are exposed to, it is critical that a professional upholstery cleaning company, such as ours, handle the cleaning. It is more than simply dusting the furniture off and putting it back into service.


When called, we will come and examine the fabrics to determine the nature of the contamination and the affect it gas had on the pieces you love. There may be pet dander, fur or hair and there may also be urine on them. Several different processes may be undertaken to get your well placed pieces to the point that they are clean and healthy once again. Using state of the art compounds that will remove and freshen the fabric, applied through updated equipment, designed specifically for this purpose, our technician will treat your furniture, as well as the carpets surrounding them, just as if they are ours.


This means the entire house will look, smell and be clean and sanitary. This means the entire house will reflect your desire to welcome family, friends and invite guests with a place to sit that will not offend them. You have taken great care and expense to furnish your home and our trained, insured and bonded technicians can make sure it provides this environment, through our professional Upholstery Cleaning in Regina, SK. This also means you are not having to try to accomplish all of the work that is involved in this cleaning so you have the time and ability to live your life as a thoughtful host or hostess.