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How to Choose the Best Carpet, Regina,SK

How to Choose the Best Carpet

Written By CleanRite Carpet Cleaning


Retailers will sell color, feel, and warrantee (5 year, 10 year, 25 year) I would not base my decision on the warrantee.  I would recommend purchasing based on material, weight, and variety of color or texture.  A solid color, cut pile carpet that starts to wear or has a stain will pull your eye to the imperfection, whereas something with a pattern or multiple color flex may not show at all.  That is why all hotels have patterned carpet in the lobby.


Most carpet retailers will push poly blend carpet as they cost almost half the cost to manufacture so the profit margins are really good.  The new poly carpet is much better than the old ones were, but in my opinion are not nearly as good as the nylon carpets are.  Poly carpet’s do not wear very well, soil faster, and soil staining seems to be an issue in some situations.  Poly may be a good choice to save money on a low traffic area.  The benefit of poly is that dye stains are usually not an issue and it has less of an environmental impact.


Olefin blends are very similar to poly as dye spills and bleach are not a problem.  Olefin is the cheapest fibre.  They do attract oil so they are a terrible carpet to install near a kitchen or homes with dogs that have oily fur.   


Wool is the most expensive option, but if cared for properly can be a good investment.  Wool is the best wearing fiber, environmentally friendly, the warmest, and the softest fiber.  The disadvantage is that food and pet spills can leave permanent stains, and uneducated carpet cleaners can easily damage wool with strong cleaning solutions or over wetting.  If you have a good certified carpet cleaner, no food or pet accidents, wool could last a lifetime.  If you do not have spills and can afford it choose this as the best carpet, Regina.


Nylon in most situations will be your best choice in fiber.  Nylon wears better than any other fiber other than wool.  Nylon cleans up very well unless you have a lot of dye stains (spilled juice and slurpies).  Nylon will bleach so it is not recommended in rooms with swimming pools or hot tubs.  


A good under cushion is important but do not pay extra for water or pet resistant pads.  If you have a water damage or pet accidents the repair will be the same 95% of the time.


I hope this helps and if you have any other questions on how to choose the best carpet, Regina please feel free to give us a call at (306) 721-2045.


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