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How to remove urine from carpet, Regina,SK

How to remove urine from carpet for Regina and area homeowners


When you have a urine spill on a carpet it is very important to act fast.  Urine that is not removed quickly can permanently change the color of the carpet by bleaching out 2 of the primary colors in the carpet.  At that point the only solution to remove the spot is to have those colors added back to the carpet.  For more information on color repairs click here.  


What to do with fresh urine spills, for dry spots skip to step 2


  • If the spot is still wet use paper towel or a white cloth to blot up the spill.  This can take some time as you are going to want to blot until no more urine is transferred to the cloth.  For larger spills a shop vacuum can be handy to remove the excess before blotting.  


  • Apply a solution of 1/3 vinegar to 2/3 warm water and 2 drops of dish soap to the spot.  Allow the solution to sit on the carpet for about 10 minutes.  The vinegar will help prevent odors and sanitize the area.


  • After applying the solution always go back to step one and blot up the moisture.  If the spot is  still visible but it looks to be getting better repeat steps 1 and 2.  If the spot is still visible and the vinegar solution does not seem to be working go to step 4


  • Mix a new solution of 1 tablespoon of ammonia with 1/2 cold water.  Take a white cloth with solution on it and rub it in a closet to test color fastness.  If color is transferred to the cloth then skip to step 5, if not apply the solution to the spot and let sit for 5-10 minutes.  Then perform steps 1 then 2 and finish with 1.


  • STOP and call CleanRite immediately for professional removal.  If these solutions do not work adding different solutions is only going to damage the carpet and make the situation worst and more costly to repair.


If you need a professional to remove urine from your carpet call (306) 721-2045.  I hope this information on how to remove urine from carpet in Regina was helpful.  Visits us on Facebook by clicking here where we are happy to give you home remedies for other spills