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Microfiber cleaning, Regina, SK

Microfiber Cleaning, Regina, SK


No matter what kind of furniture you have we are certified and have experience cleaning it.  We even clean natural fibers like wool and cotton which others will not touch.


What We do Differently


Hand Cleaning


  • Most companies simply spray on the pre conditioning spray.  What we do is use a hand shammy to scrub the pre conditioner on the fabric.  We hand cleaning the entire piece cleaning all the edges, and corners which are missed without this step leaving a dark line. 


Certified Cleaners


  • All of our technicians are highly trained to clean all kinds of fibers.  Our training training allows us to identify the fiber, and use special products and techniques that work best to clean that material.  We also have experience removing all kinds of spills and/or soiling conditions.  To learn more about certified cleaners click here.


Special Products


  • Most cleaners use one product to clean all of their furniture.  Different materials can be cleaned better and safer when a product is used which is design for that material.


Safe Green Products



So if you need Microfiber Cleaning, in Regina, SK and area give us a call at (306) 721-2045