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Odor Removal Services, Regina, SK


Odor Removal Services, Regina, SK


CleanRite is certified in odor removal and has over 15 years experience removing all kinds of odors from clients homes in the Regina area.  Using special equipment and products we can remove many odor concerns that others professionals can not.


What makes us better at removing odors


  • In situations where urine or food spills are causing an odor we use a special powerful backlight which allows us to see spots that are not visible with the human eye.
  • Using special moisture detectors we can find previous water damage or pet urine spots to correct musty spells.
  • If a smell from a spill is deep in the backing of the carpet we have a special tool that cleans right down to the subfloor.  Click here to see a video of it in action.
  • We remove the source of the odor first.  Many companies simply spray a deodorizer which covers the smell for a few days but when the bacteria start to grow on the source the odor quickly returns.  
  • We use only the most powerful truck mounted systems with much more suction, flow, and pressure to throughly flush and extract the carpet.  We use more water, but still leave the carpet drier than any other carpet cleaner in Regina.
  • Continuous training is very important because new tool and products come out every year and unless you are continuously learning about them you can not provide the best odor removal service.  Most cleaners are not using new tools or products witch give results that where not possible using old techniques. 


So no matter what kind of odor you have such as dog odor, cat odor, musty odor, food spill odor, cooking odor, smoke odor, urine odor, feces odor, skunk odor, you name it we can help.  


Phone today for a Free In Home Quote at (306) 721-2045 and put our experience to work with our Odor Removal Services, in the Regina area.