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Pet Urine Removal Regina, SK


Pet Urine Removal for Regina, SK home owners 


When it comes to urine removal it is very important to act fast!  


When a pet initially urinates on your carpet, the urine is sterile and for the most part harmless.  At this time the pet urine can usually be easily removed.  


  • The first thing you need to do is blot up as much as you can using white terry towels or plenty of paper towels.  Step on the towels to apply pressure and blot until you can not get any more urine on the towel.  


  • The second thing you are going to do is apply a safe cleaning solution.  WARNING many store bought carpet spot cleaners will damage your carpet.  A Solution of 1/3 vinegar to 2/3 warm water can be used.  The CleanRite spot cleaner is very safe and affective, we leave on with every cleaning or they can be purchased at Parkland Carpet One in Regina, SK.  


If the spot remains repeat steps one and two.  If the spot does not seem to be lightening any more and can still be seen, phone us right away for the best chances at avoiding a permanent stain.


  • The next step is to blot again until the carpet is dry.   


If not removed quickly in many cases this urine can start to change the color of the carpet.  If this happens the yellow stain can become a permanent stain.


As the urine dries it goes through a chemical change where it changes its PH and turns into what is called a urine salt.  These urine salts become sticky and at this point the salts can only be removed with a special enzyme cleaners.  These urine salts also act like table salt as they pull in and trap moisture from its surroundings.  So now we have a spot that will never dry and is also an excellent food source to germs and bacteria.  In fact if you have an odor, much of that smell may be a result of the bacteria growing in the carpet.  This spot is now a virtual petri dish for these germs and bacteria not only to grow but to thrive.  Now germs from an old cold can continue to make you and your family sick over and over again causing coughing, sore throats, and infections.


If you find an old pet stain which is already dry, I would recommend phoning a professional to have it properly removed.  I have seen to many home owners purchase all kinds of products with light success, damage their carpet, or make the stain and odor worst.  Without the proper equipment home owners usually just spread the spill making it harder and more expenses to remove.


So if you require pet urine removal in Regina, SK and area give CleanRite a call at (306) 721-2045


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