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Pilot Butte Upholstery Cleaning Services



As you look around your home, do you see the furniture you have in most rooms? Do they have fabric on them? Is it a fabric that can show dirt and other soils easily? You may actually be surprised at some of some of them, even the darker colors, showing the dirt and making it look older than it is, quickly. Now, take a look at the members of your family. Do they always sit down on them with clean clothes? You probably are not surprised at the answer you get from this inspection. This is the reason that professional Pilot Butte Upholstery Cleaning Services, such as the services we offer, are critical to helping return these pieces back to a healthy condition.


Soils can come in from outside, on people's clothing, dog and cat's feet and normal dust and dirt floating around on the air stream flowing in and out of your house, especially when doors and windows are open. This floating contamination can come in and fall onto carpets and upholstered furniture. These act as air cleaners throughout your house collecting contamination and holding onto them. This material is held until, in the case of carpets, someone walks or drags their feet or kids playing on them and, in the case of furniture, sits down or pats them with their hand. Then, in both cases, this material, which can be germs, bacteria or allergens, will become airborne and move into other spaces in your home. This makes the entire house unhealthy.


For properly scheduled Pilot Butte Upholstery Cleaning Services, let us come in and perform an initial inspection and cleaning. We can then establish the appropriate frequency for this important cleaning and can also schedule this in combination with your carpets and throw rug cleaning. Many of the same pieces of equipment are used for both processes and can be performed together. Professional upholstery cleaning, like ours, cleans your furniture and sanitizes it for your family's health and the pleasant fragrance we leave.