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Prepare professional carpet cleaning in Regina, SK


When you hire professional carpet cleaning in Regina, SK to help you clean your carpet, there are several things you are supposed to do to get the most out of the professionals. To prevent possible accidents, save time and avoid theft, here are 5 things you should do as a homeowner: Since professional carpet cleaners’ uses long heavy hoses and cords, heavy cleaning equipment and numerous cleaners, you need to create enough space by decluttering your home. Therefore, before the cleaning technician arrives, you need to remove all objects on the floor e.g. dog bones, toys of your children, shoes, socks etc. This will ease movement and the process of cleaning the carpet.


Cleaning experts are hired and licensed to clean your carpet only and not move furniture as they clean. Hence, it is your responsibility to prepare before they arrive by removing coffee tables, plant stands, floor lamps etc. You can consider putting your furniture in your garage until cleaning is done. If you have breakable Knick knacks on your shelves, you are advised to keep them in a safe place because they may fall as your carpet is being cleaned.


With the use of truck mounted cleaning equipment, you need to keep your pets in a contained place away from the noise and disturbance. If you have dogs, birds, cats or any other pet, you need to relocate it to another place because they may get stressed or frightened by the noise or movement in your home. Cleaning technicians pulls hoses throughout your home and if you have not protected your walls you may end up painting them again. To avoid any unsightly black marks that may be caused by hoses or cords rubbing the corners or the walls of your house, apply painter’s tape to secure the walls. The tape does not damage nor leave marks on your wall when applied and it is easy to remove when experts are done professional carpet cleaning in Regina, SK.