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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Balgonie


Carpets and upholstery may be some of the most neglected surfaces in our homes when it comes to cleaning. Stains, smudges and discolorations may be difficult to remove without proper equipment, and professional tools can be expensive and clunky, not to mention the time involved in trying to shampoo your own carpet. So, it's no surprise that come spring cleaning, we once again abandon a deep carpet and upholstery cleaning in favor of a quick sweep with a vacuum cleaner. But according to Men's Health magazine, the average carpet has about two hundred thousand individual bacteria per square inch.


Not to mention that with every traipse through your living room, you're stomping in even more microflora - like illness-invoking E. coli and Staphylococcus - that can't be removed with a vacuum. In fact, a microbiology study published in 2001 found that carpet and upholstery in the average American home was about four thousand times more bacteria-laden than a toilet seat. Allergens, however, are even more plentiful; pet dander, pollen, dust and dead skin are easily trapped within carpet fibers, creating a perfect breeding ground for dust mites and other unwelcome guests.


Thankfully, our trained Professional Carpet Cleaning in Balgonie have the tools and expertise necessary to quickly and effectively rid carpets and upholstery of pet fur and pests alike, while also making your carpets and upholstery look brand new. A deep cleaning by our professional carpet cleaners can rid your home of millions of disease-causing organisms and allergens in only a few short hours, and can even help to reduce allergy symptoms caused by trapped dirt and dander. So once spring cleaning rolls around once again, do your family and yourself a favor and give our carpet and upholstery experts a call.