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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK

While having a pet or pets is something that many people enjoy it can mean that their homes in general, and their carpets in particular need extra cleaning. Pets make a mess it is as simple as that. When people have cats, dogs, and may be rabbits roaming about in their homes then these animals are more than likely to leave odors behind, or urinate on carpets. Pet owners can attempt to limit such problems yet at some point their carpets are going to need a thorough cleaning. Our Professional Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK has the best equipment for the most effective pet odor removal and pet urine removal from carpets.


Whilst people can remove most of the dirt and fur that pets can leave on their carpets with a vacuum cleaner that is not going to be adequate enough to stop carpets smelling especially if animals have urinated on those carpets. Basically if urine is not removed immediately then carpets will become stained and begin to smell. If people do not have the equipment to clean carpets enough then they need to contact us. Our experienced teams of carpet cleaners will soon have carpets thoroughly cleaned, smelling fresh, and free of pet urine stains. Should pet owners continue to allow their pets to go on to carpets then can offer a regular carpet cleaning service designed to clean up effectively from pets.


In order to clean carpets our cleaners use industrial vacuum cleaners, carpet shampooers, and steam cleaners. Ultimately we have found that it is the steam cleaner that is the best piece of equipment for completely removing odors and urine stains from any carpet. It is the most hygienic method of cleaning carpets and we recommend pet owners have us steam clean their carpets regularly. Call our Professional Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK today.