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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Regina



There are the air filters you have in your heating and air conditioning system and the filters that are installed in the registers you have in the floors or walls throughout your home. All of these filters and systems are designed to assist you in having the cleanest air by capturing various contaminants and holding them for disposal. This is all fair and good, but we are still missing the largest air cleaner and that is all of the carpets and area rugs you have on the floors. It is actually scary about how good these floor coverings are in capturing germs, bacteria, and allergens. A quality Carpet Cleaning in Regina visit, from us, will assist in keeping these cleaned out and healthy.


What happens is, that everything that comes in, on people's clothing, pet's fur or hair, including that fur and hair, falls to the ground. It can float for a while on the air stream which includes all of the pollen and other lighter than air items that can be inhaled and impact the health of everyone in the house, some people more than others. One of the deadliest things that can come in through open doors and/or windows and get embedded into the pile of even the most expensive carpeting are mold spores that are everywhere outside. Calling a professional carpet cleaning company, such as ours will address this as well as everything else in the fiber and make it all go away.


The beautiful floor coverings you have spent a lot on and use to decorate your home and make it warm and welcoming to you family and friends does help you keep the house clean, but you have to return the favor and get a professional Carpet Cleaning in Regina to come in and clean it so your home stays healthy, clean and safe for everyone especially those little children that play on the floor so much.