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Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning in Regina, SK Will Return The Shine

Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning in Regina, SK Will Return The Shine


Many home owners, you may be one of them, appreciate what the presence of tile does to the looks of their home. The many colors as well as the designs that are available can make the statement you wish to make about you and your family. The special organic images or even the geometric designs will help accent certain rooms and give a different look to floors, walls and even counters in kitchens or bathrooms. The problem with this material is the need, from time to time, for tile and grout cleaning.


A Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning in Regina, SK, such as ours, is needed for this deep cleaning for a fairly simple reason. That reason is because of the grout and the way it could absorb water and other liquids. You see, a quick mop with a quality mop head, some fresh water and a small amount of neutral cleaner can make quick work of the tile, itself. You can do this on a regular basis and, as long as the surface is rinsed off, there should not be any problems. The grout that has been applied in between the tiles might be another issue. When your tiles were installed, grout was applied to assist in holding the tiles on the floor, counter or wall. It also helps prevent food, water, dust and dirt to get down underneath the tiles. Food, of course, when it gets hidden away in a place where it should not be can cause mold to begin its growth. Enough liquid, down there, can also help float the tiles off of its base by allowing the adhesive to become weak.


The way all of the above is prevented is by applying a coat of sealant over the grout. If this sealant becomes too thin, due to wear or gets chipped away, it can get contaminated. One of the indications of this is that discoloration of the grout. Special attention should then be paid to the Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning in Regina, SK when this happens. Give us a call when you notice this discoloration or you need complete deep cleaning of your tiles floors or counters.