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Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Regina, SK


If you have upholstered furniture and carpets in your home, you know how fast they can catch dirt. It could be the kids, the guests who visit, dust and sometimes even drink spills that make your upholstery to acquire dirt. Whichever the case, worry not, we are Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Regina, SK that provides top-notch cleaning services to your home.


We are equipped with high-tech machinery for carrying out our upholstery cleaning services. Our products are also eco-friendly and are safe for you and your family. We have experienced steam cleaning technicians who will ensure your furniture regains its new look once again. Our steam cleaning services ensure you get rid of all the bacteria, stains and dirt and also extends the life of your furniture. It is also quick to dry so that you can use your furniture in no time.


Our detergents are carefully chosen to revitalize the color of your furniture and to prevent discoloration. It will leave your furniture with a fresh long lasting healthier look that is inviting to you and your visitors. Our detergents also work on carpets the same way breaking down dust and dirt that is trapped between the fibers and whisks them away. It will leave your carpet with a refreshing clean look, and it dries quickly without leaving any sticky residue. Our cleaning methods work with all kinds of upholstery furniture. You need not worry about your furniture material being destroyed. We have cleaning detergents suitable for all sorts of materials including wool and silk which will ensure your material does not shrink. We also have the most qualified professional staff with years of experience. We strive to keep your furniture looking clean. Contact us for all your Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Regina, SK.