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Questions About Professional Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK


Professional Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK have diverse methods to ensure your carpet stays clean and fresh. Several factors will determine the method they use. They include how much soil the carpet has, cost, carpet fiber, and environmental conditions. Others refer to it as hot water extraction. Many professional use this method to clean the carpet. Using this method, they heat water to boiling points, and pass it through your carpet under extremely high pressure. Dirt loosens because of the extreme heat, and a machine draws dirt and moisture away. If your carpet is heavily soiled, the carpet cleaner has to use detergent. Steam cleaning is very effective in killing dust mites and bacteria and removing odors. Other than the time your carpet takes to dry, steam cleaning does not have drawbacks.


Carpet shampooing is the most common method that professional carpet cleaners use. In this cleaning method, the cleaners distribute shampoo on the carpet and rub it in using a brush. It works well with low pile, heavily soiled carpet. Since there is no extraction, your carpet has to be vacuumed thoroughly to remove residue and soil. Many professionals prefer steam cleaning to carpet shampooing. They say carpet shampooing is less effective.


Dry cleaning does not use any water. The technician spreads an absorbent over the carpet, uses a machine to penetrate the absorbent deep into the carpet fibers to dissolve the soil. A vacuum cleaner draws out the residue and soil. Dry cleaning leaves your carpet drier than any other cleaning method. Use this method to clean natural-fiber carpets such as hemp and sisal. This kind of fiber is soft and easily damages when you clean your carpet regularly. Call our Professional Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK if you have any questions.