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How to Avoid Commercial Carpet Cleaning Nightmares


If you have hired a commercial carpet cleaner in Regina before you might have had a bad experience.  Many carpet cleaners do not have the proper equipment to clean commercial carpets.  Using equipment designed to clean residential carpet can take forever, leave the carpet soaking wet, and most of the spots may return after the carpet dries.


CleanRite used special equipment and products designed to clean commercial carpets.  Below is a list of advantages to this system.


  • Throughly cleans large areas in a very short amount of time (up to 5000 square feet per hour).  Our clients love the fact that we can come in and clean all their carpets in one night when normally it takes a week.  This saves them a lot of time and money as they do not have to hire someone to stay after work for an entire week.
  • No open door security issues - With our special portable commercial units you do not have to leave the doors open to run hoses in the building.  So after hours you do not have to worry about people getting into the building.
  • Dry times are normally 3 hours - The last thing you need is for your staff or clients to walk into the building the next day and slip because the carpet is still wet.  Our system uses very little water and dries very fast, some areas are usually dry before we leave.
  • Competitive prices - Because our equipment is so efficient and cleans a large are in a short amount of time we can afford to hire and keep highly train, competent people and still offer the same and sometimes lower prices than our competitors.
  • Guarantee - If a spot returns or you are not 100% satisfied we will rush back and fix your concerns on our dime.

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