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Warning!!  Read This Before Renting A Carpet Cleaner


Most people do not know this but by renting a carpet cleaning machine to clean your carpets can easily reduce the life of your carpets by 50% or more.  So a carpet that may last 10 years could look terrible and need to be replaced only after 5 years under the same circumstances.  Rented and home use machines usually leave your carpets soaking wet which can cause them to give off a terrible smell.  Most people’s carpets look okay after the cleaning but within a few months look worst than they did before the cleaning.



So Why does this happen?


  • Rental and Home carpet cleaning units do not have enough power to clean carpet.  Studies done by the carpet manufacture showed that with the best products (not what you get at the store) and the best operator only 5-10% of the soil could be removed with these systems compared to 95-97% when using a good truck mounted professional machine.  These rented machines only spread the soil around giving it a more even appearance making it look good for a short period of time but leaving all the deep down soil that causes carpet wear.
  • Did you know up to 60% of the chemicals you put into the machine will stay in the carpet?  These chemicals leave a sticky or crunchy residue which continue to clean your feet after the cleaning.  The result is called rapid resoling and the more you use home or rental machines the worst the problem becomes and soon your carpets look dirty only weeks after a cleaning.  As bad as that is an even bigger problem is that your family can absorb these products through their skin and breath them in.  Do not assume these products are tested to be safe because there is little to no regulations for these types of residential products!!!  In fact some kids have died from what is called kawasaki disease (google it) which many people believe is caused from these cheap carpet cleaning products. 
  • Rental units usually come with very strong chemicals to make up for the lack of power these machines have.  They usually have a very high ph which will remove the protective coatings that the carpet had when it was manufactured.  After the stain resistors and blockers are removed regular soil can permanently stain the carpet not to mention anything that is spilled on the carpet.
  • They do not remove very much water from your carpet.  If you do not remove the water from the carpet you are only spreading the soil.  If the carpet takes a long time to dry bacteria can start to grow creating a gym bag smell.


Save your carpet and your families health and phone a good recommended professional carpet cleaning company.  Do not damage your carpet with a rented carpet cleaner!!  Phone CleanRite and have it done rite at (306) 721-2045 or get more information at  You can also see a video we posted Rug Doctor Vs Professional.  I have attached two pictures, one is a carpet which my client spent 8 hours trying to clean with a rental and the other is after we spent about one hour cleaning with our professional equipment.