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Rug Cleaning Prices in Regina, SK

Rug Cleaning Prices in Regina, SK


Carpet cleaning prices are all over the map, so how do you choose a company, and know you are going to get what you payed for and expect?  Why do some companies charge way more than others do, are they not offering the same thing?  What are the differences from most high price companies to most low price companies?




The cost of carpet cleaning machines can range from $500 - $40,000, and that does not include attachments, shelving, and the vehicle it may be mounted to.  Obviously a $40,000 machine will clean much better than a $500 machine.  The more expensive equipment basically cleans the carpets better, they are cleaner, they stay clean longer, and they should also dry much faster.  With better equipment you can use much safer cleaning products and still provide the same if not better results.  If a company uses the best equipment you can expect there carpet cleaning prices to be higher, but in the long run your carpets will look better, and last longer saving you thousands in replacement costs.



Training and Certification


Most people assume that a company provides it employees with the proper amount of training, when in fact over 95% of carpet cleaning companies in Regina provide basically no training.  Most companies simply let a new cleaner learn from another cleaner on the job for a few days, who has not had any proper training him or herself.  Some companies have an employee who at one time has taken a course and other companies are certified firms which means all of there employees have to take courses on a regular basis.  I personally would not let anyone who is not properly trained and certified clean my carpets.  It costs money to properly train your staff so companies with properly trained staff will cost more to have them clean your carpet, but a certified cleaner knows how to remove more stains, and provide a much safer, and more through cleaning.




One of the biggest problems in the industry is that many companies do not make or keep appointments.  Some people end up waiting around all day just to find out later the company they booked will have to reschedule.  CleanRite makes and keeps appointments and if something does happen we will phone you as soon as possible.  We also only book 3-4 jobs a day, which when cleaning properly is about the most one can do, when others do over 10 jobs a day.  


Bait and Switch


The worst problem in our industry is bait and switch companies.  These companies offer you a low price over the phone, but when they show up at your home everything is extra.  If you can not get a proper cleaning without paying extra, that is a scam.  Some companies offer coupons for $79 they will clean your entire home, but that price can jump to over $700 with spot removal and pre sprays which are required to clean your carpet.


As you can see some times getting a lower priced carpet cleaning can cost you a lot more than you save!


So if you would like Rug Cleaning Prices in the Regina area for CleanRtie give us a call today at (306) 721-2045.  



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