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Safe Upholstery Cleaning in Emerald Park, SK


An heirloom piece of upholstery sits in the living area of the house. A business made by the family a generation ago of upholstery. A living example of practices ancestors had. Precious and priceless to the family and not replaceable since the craftsman no longer lives. Using a good vacuum on even antique upholstery does away with most loose debris and grime. Depending on where a person lives the air itself can have oils and pollution that penetrates fabrics. Add in just sitting and using the upholstery piece a person leaves soil and oil on it. Gentle vacuuming of the piece becomes the best option. Avoid wet cleaning since older fabrics may not do well with that method. At some point, a deep upholstery cleaning becomes needed.


Professional upholstery cleaning for a furniture piece from ages past becomes highly recommended. Often these pieces do not have a tag, so a professional needs to determine the material and cleaning method. Fabrics have evolved over the years, but dyes used in the past may easily fade if liquid chemicals or store-bought foam becomes used. Dry foam extraction may become the method of choice. Companies specializing in antique upholstery cleaning often can restore a piece in those spots that have faded. When looking for a professional upholstery cleaner check the advertising that it lists if they do antique furniture. Even if the piece in residence does not classify as an antique, the material will be similar and need similar treatment.


Then call the company of choice and ask questions about what method do they use on older pieces of upholstery. Older pieces of upholstery can have professional Upholstery Cleaning in Emerald Park, SK. It takes someone with the skills and knowledge about materials to do that safely. Call today and have a chat about your special piece.