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If you’re big on keeping your home as clean as possible, you’ve probably hired a professional carpet cleaning company before. They can get your floors much cleaner than you could yourself and get rid of all of the dust and allergens that accumulate over the year. While Carpet Cleaning in White City may be an obvious choice to you, something you might not know the answer to is when you should get one done.


An annual cleaning is the key to a well-taken care of carpet, but it can be tricky to figure out when exactly you should schedule one for your home. It can help to know what the components of dust are and how they get into your carpet. Dust is mostly made up of four things: pollen, pet dander, dead skin cells, and fibers that fall off of your clothes. The latter two are unavoidable; they’ll continue to accumulate year-round no matter what you do. The things you want to watch out for are pollen and dander. Thankfully, both of those things kick it into high gear at around the same time: Spring.


While you may be tempted to get your Spring cleaning done early and call for Carpet Cleaning in White City, it can be beneficial for you to wait until the end of the season. During Spring, every time you walk into the house or open your windows, pollen will float inside and settle into your carpets. Spring is also when most pets begin and finish shedding. Instead of cleaning your carpets at the beginning of the season and then watching them immediately become re-saturated with allergens, wait for the end. This way, you’ll flush out all of them at once and have a fresh start to the rest of your year.