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Thorough Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK


Many consumers have pets in their homes. From time to time they have accidents on the carpet that need to be cleaned. Cats have particularly smelly urine and some times they just cannot go in the litter box. Maybe you forgot to clean the litter box or perhaps they are stressed about something. Either way your carpet needs to be cleaned. This is when a professional carpet cleaning company like ours can really help. Call us today to make an appointment for Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK.


No one likes to walk on a dirty carpet much less one that has cat urine on it. In fact, no one even wants to come into your house when it smells of cat urine. It can be smelled everywhere and is very unpleasant. You love your pets but something has to change. Well the easy next step is to call our Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK. Make an appointment to have your company cleaned and all of that urine removed. The smell is the most important part of the cleaning action. Your home is going to smell great again. No more embarrassment when visitors come to your home.


Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK by our professionals will remove all of the urine from your carpets. All of the stains will be removed and deep cleaning techniques can be applied to remove them. The most important part is that your home will smell much better. Urine in carpet smells bad. You know what it smells like from the litter box. Applying cleaners and odor removal chemicals to your carpet will help to remove these smells and the urine from your carpet. Call us today to have your carpet cleaned. One of our professional carpet cleaning technicians can schedule an appointment to have your carpets cleaned and your home smelling great again.