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In many situations, a lot of water may come into your home and get sucked up into your carpets. This could be because of a flood, a leaking roof or water heater, even a leaking or broken faucet. This creates a very dangerous situation in your home and a danger to the health of anyone who lives there. The only real answer is a professional Carpet Cleaning in Balgonie, SK company, like ours. What are some of the reasons it is dangerous? It could be a place for molds to grow. Studies show that mold needs a very short amount of time to literally take over an average home.


The carpet, itself, could deteriorate enough to become, not only a trip hazard but also get caught in other items that normally move around within your home. The pad, under the carpet in the vast majority of home installations will also get soaked and continue to smell, aid in mold growth and damage flooring, such as wood floors under the carpets as long as it is wet. The problems with all of this is that just getting the water removed from the carpet, itself, without getting all the way down to the underlying floor does not complete the job and odors will continue to be generated as well as moisture that will damage building materials and fog mirrors, create bad air and just generally make it uncomfortable to live in your home. Carpet cleaning is a thorough way of getting at everything that makes the carpets dirty and removing it so you have a clean, safe floor.


Thinking that the carpet will eventually dry is one way to go and it is consistent with thinking that: 'One day I am going to win the Lottery!' You are going to spend a lot of money before you get that big payoff and you are going to experience a lot of problems with stale air, bad odors, and a generally miserable existence until that carpet drys enough to start enjoying your house again! Don’t wait, call our Carpet Cleaning in Balgonie, SK today.