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Carpet stains can be one of the most annoying cleaning issues for many consumers. Whether it is spilled coffee, red wine or greasy food on a carpet they can be difficult to remove. It goes without saying that consumers should attempt to clean the stain as soon as it happens. Removing the liquid or food will decrease the impact of the stain. Depending on the food, it may not leave a stain at all. But in many situations, the stain will remain even after thorough cleaning by hand.


This is one of those times consumers should consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to permanently remove the stain and clean the entire carpet at the same time. They have the proper cleaning agents to remove the stain. They will wash the carpet fibers and then vacuum the fibers drawing out the water and cleaning the stain at the same time. Stains can penetrate deeply into the carpet. Over time this area collects dust which sticks to the carpet fibers and makes it looks worse. Washing the carpet and removing the stain from deep within the carpet will prevent the stain from reappearing. The longer you wait the deeper the stain will penetrate and the more dust and dirt it will collect. You may keep your carpets really clean vacuuming often, however dust seems to collect on anything that is sticky on the fibers.


While the carpet cleaning company is removing these stains, they can clean the entire carpet for you. Although it may not appear to need it many customers are surprised at the difference. Clean carpets look better, the fibers stand up more, the nap of the carpet looks better and your room will even smell better as well. Don’t wait, call our professional Carpet Cleaning in Emerald Park, SK today to have your carpets cleaned and those pesky stains removed.