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Just as there are many different soils and dirt that can make your carpets look and smell bad, there are a number of ways that can be utilized to get it clean. Our professional carpet cleaning technicians have the experience to know which process is the best one to use at any particular point in time. Let's take a look at the weapons in our armory of techniques we can use to ensure your home looks great when we are done: The first step, in any process, is the vacuum cleaner. This is so that as much of the debris and contaminants as possible are removed so that the next step is actually accomplished more efficiently. It is part of the 'dry' White City, SK Carpet Cleaning process and always precedes any wet cleaning techniques. The next step can be any of the following:


A 'dry chemical' process that uses ultra-low moisture beads is often used for the more expensive woolen carpets and rugs due to their not being able to tolerate much water. This dry chem medium is applied and agitated into the pile of the carpet. It bonds with the dust, dirt, germs and bacteria and makes it able to be vacuumed out. This returns the carpet back into service in the fastest time and almost dry immediately. A topical cleaning technique that uses a floor scrubber and a cotton pad called a bonnet. Professional carpet cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet and this bonnet is soaked in the same solution. The bonnet is then affixed to the bottom of the scrubber and the scrubber is run over the carpet area that needs this attention. This process is used as a topical cleaner or as a follow-up for carpets that are older than others. This removes dust and dirt and helps to dislodge deeper soils and can be followed by a vacuum cleaner.


A water extraction system, often using hot water, is the preferred technique from the vast majority of White City, SK Carpet Cleaning professionals. It uses forced water/cleansing agent to get down deep in the pile, suspending the dirt and other soils within the liquid. The agitation is provided by brushes and a powerful wet vacuum is the used to remove the dirty solution and all contaminants at once.